Michele Cazzani

The man behind the camera.

Michele Cazzani, born in 1966, attended the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan after his studies in Law, and has been a professional photographer since 1994. As well as landscape photography and the Sacred Planet project, he has worked with various Italian and foreign newspapers, focusing mainly on social reportage and sport.
From 1998 to 2002 Michele worked as a reporter in the Middle East and the Balkans for the agency Grazia Neri. He has documented the activities of various International Cooperation organizations and has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, most notably “Kurdistan Paradiso Minato” at Milan’s Palazzo Reale in 2000.
He is the founder of “Photoaid”, a non-profit agency for social reportage (www.photoaid.eu), and acted as its President for 8 years. Michele’s teaching experience includes several photographic workshops, as well as collaborations with the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, focusing on his specialized field of reportage.