Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte – Puglia – Italy

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My house is my castle.
(Hungarian proverb)

The shape of the castle recalls the octagonal crown of its creator, Frederick II of Swabia: there are 8 octagonal towers, a labyrinth of 8 rooms, 8 windows per floor and 44 steps in the spiral staircase… The number 8, written horizontally, represents infinity and the union between God and man. Castel del Monte never had kitchens or bedrooms! So, it wasn’t habitable, and this fact gave rise to the legend that it was an astronomical observatory.
History and mystery come together in the castle which, according to some scholars, was one of the places where the Holy Grail was hidden, the chalice used by Jesus Christ and his disciples at the Last Supper


Quadrato – Square, Rotondo – Round


Canvas – Tela, Cristal – Vetro Acrilico, Metal – Alluminio


Senza Cornice | Unframed, Artbox – alluminio/silver, Artbox – nera/black, Con cornice in legno bianca | Wooden frame – white, Con cornice in legno nera | Wooden frame – black, Slimline alluminio | silver, Slimline bianca | white, Slimline nera | black, Slimline oro | gold


Size 1 | 40×40 cm – 16"x16", Size 2 | 60×60 cm – 24"x24", Size 3 | 80×80 cm – 31"x31", Size 4 | 100×100 cm – 40"x40", Size 5 | 110×110 cm – 43"x43", Size 6 | 120×120 cm – 48"x48"

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