Puzzle Portraits

I’ve taken portraits like these of complete strangers, friends but also VIPs.

I even pitched the idea to a top Italian sports magazine and they liked it so much they sent me to Jerez Della Frontera in Spain to photograph all the MotoGP riders. It was an unforgettable experience.

When I got down on the ground in front of Valentino Rossi to take the last shot, he looked at me a little dazed and said, smiling, “I’m used to female fans falling at my feet but not guys!” It was very funny.

Spezzo chiunque...

I often take advantage of my trips as a photo-reporter to create portraits. This one was taken on the streets of Calcutta; it’s one of the most intense puzzle portraits I’ve ever taken.



My favourite? It’s hard to say, but if I really had to choose I’d say the one I did of a farmer near Siena, at Pieve di Corsignano… I don’t remember his name but I still remember his smile, his joy and his pride in being photographed.

And this is me.

How could I leave out my own self-portrait? I’ve photographed everyone else!

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